4 hour boat trip + BBQ

Enjoy on the Chill Out Cruise 4 increible hours on a boat trip to Papagayo Beach, where you will be able to have a swim, snorkle, practise stand up paddle, and eat the most delicious BBQ you’ll ever have on a boat!

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Just as we do with our 2 hour trip, we depart from the harbour of Playa Blanca on a boat trip to Papagayo Beach, but if the seas are calm enough we will sail away from the coast, looking out for dolphins which we manage to see every now and then.

Once in Papagayo Beach, we will anchor for well over two hours during which you will be able to do some snorkling in the crystal clear waters of the south of Lanzarote, practise stand up paddle or even dare to try our own pirate plank located on the upper deck!

So much activity will surely make you hungry, but that’s no problem as we will grill right in front of you a delicious barbecue with ribs, sausages & beef fillets, that will go down well with some salad and fantastic Canarian potatoes, and plenty of sangría (and soft drinks for the kids) to wash it all.

An incredible day at sea that will really please you, but we have to admit a task like this gets really easy in such an incredible environment as the southern coast of Lanzarote!

Additional information

Included BBQ (ribs, sausages & beef fillets) + Salad + Canarian Potatoes + Drinks (sangría & soft drinks). Aquatic ativities (paddle surf, snorkling, etc), Fishing Equipment
What to Bring Swimming costumes, towel, suncream
To Consider Let us know if you’d rather have a vegetarian meal instead of a meat BBQ

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